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If you ever needed an excuse to purchase a handbag (not that we do), today would be that day.

Oh, you’ve never heard about this amazing holiday that allows you to celebrate those fashionable sacks that help you to literally keep your shit together? That’s because this is the first official year of the holiday. Thanks to the fine folk over at the Purse Blog, in collaboration with Rachel Zoe and PopSugar, the first National Handbag Day was officially named as October 10th.

In celebration of what may just be our favorite new holiday (second only to Christmas, which we have deemed national handbag, shoe, and jewelry day), we of course had to get a little handbag happy to get everyone in the mood! As a follow up to our 12 jackets under $90 that you need for fall, we have the 12 handbags that you don’t need, but will definitely want! The best part? All of the prices are under $120.

Check them out in the grid above, and shop with one click below.