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Some guys have all the luck!

R&B superstar Chris Brown is no stranger to the law. The “Fine China” singer has been involved in several altercations, which have required police intervention over the years. Fortunately for Breezy, he’s been able to avoid jail time for even his most severe charges.

In 2009, Chris and his then-girlfriend Rihanna were involved in a verbal altercation that turned violent; Chris turned himself in and was later charged with felony assault and making criminal threats. He did not serve any jail time for the crimes, but was put on probation and forced to do community service.

Following that incident, Chris found himself involved in numerous scuffles over the years (remember the infamous Drake WIP fight?) Each time police were involved, but no arrests were made – at least, until Breezy’s most recent scrap outside a Washington D.C. area hotel.

Chris once again got off (almost) scot-free after the judge lessened his charges from felony assault to a misdemeanor for allegedly punching a fan in the face. 

To say Chris Brown has been lucky enough to avoid the slammer so far would be an understatement, unfortunately not all celebs have had the same luck!

We rounded up a list of all your favorite celebs and just how much hard time they’ve done…you may be surprised.

Check it out.

Lil Wayne

Wayne was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon and drugs; he was charged to one year in prison. Tunechi served five months of his one year sentence at Riker’s Island. He was released early, but not totally a free man! The rapper was sentenced to two years of supervised release.

Martha Stewart

Following a lengthy investigation, the homemaker extraordinaire was charged with conspiracy, fraud and obstruction of justice for insider trading. She served five months of her sentence and was released on a two year supervised release – just like Lil Wayne!

50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent served a 6 month sentence in 1994 for possession of multiple drugs – he’s now on probation stemming from a domestic quarrel.

Mark Wahlberg

Before he was a major Hollywood heartthrob, Mark Wahlberg was doing hard time for attempted murder and assault. Wahlberg spent just 45 days of his two year sentence behind bars. Yes that’s right, Marky Mark almost killed someone!

Ja Rule

Rapper Ja Rule was booked for possession of a weapon and tax evasion. He spent 28 months in the big house before being released in 2013.

Robert Downey Jr.

Before he was Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. spent a year in the pokey! He was arrested after skipping a required drug test during a three-year probation sentence. He was sentenced to three years for the offense, but was released after only one.

Wesley Snipes

Snipes spent three years in jail after being charged with multiple counts of failing to pay his taxes. Soo, Mark Wahlberg basically tried to kill someone and spent a month in jail – Wes did three years for tax evasion. Yowza.

Paris Hilton

Hilton spent three days in the big house after violating her probation stemming from a DUI and being pulled over for driving without a license. Though her stint in jail was short, she wasn’t a free woman even after her release. Hilton spent 40 days under house arrest – that must have been rough for a socialite.


Snooki may be all mom all the time now, but she was once quite the wild child. While filming the MTV reality series Jersey Shore, Snooki found herself in handcuffs after a day of partying gone wrong. Snooks was taken in and charged with disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and criminal annoyance of others – yes, apparently being annoying is a crime in New Jersey! Fortunately, she was only forced to spend a few hours behind bars.

Amanda Bynes

Long before she was a wig-wearing, Drake-obsessed, professional Twitter troll, Amanda Bynes was a good girl killin’ it on the big screen. That’s why fans around the world were shocked when she was arrested for DUI. Bynes spent just one night in jail for the offense.


The rapper spent one year and six months in the slammer for possession of weapons, drug charges and violating probation. Ouch!

Nicole Richie

Nicole was pulled over for suspicion of DUI. She was arrested and sentenced to 4 days in jail; Richie served just 84 minutes of her sentence…now that’s a quick stay.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay’s had more than one run-in with the law, but it was her most recent offense that almost landed her in jail. After being pulled over for driving recklessly, Lohan was taken to the station and later charged with misdemeanor reckless driving and providing false information to the authorities. Lindsay was given two options: rehab or the slammer! Naturally, she chose rehab. Lindsay did a 90-day court ordered stint in rehab and is now said to be on the straight and narrow, though she’s been spotted out at the club on more than one occasion since her release. We’re confused how Miss Lohan has been able to avoid jail for the last 10 years.


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