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Last night, Miley Cyrus wore the T-shirt that moved the world (or something like that) that featured Tupac and Biggie with the words “please stop” hovering over their head on her backside, yes the very backside that would later take the stage in a white thong contraption. 

The outfits did exactly what Miley wanted them to do, raise thick eyebrows (because it’s on trend) across the land in confusion. But if we can look past the antics Miley is pulling with her revealing fits, and just pan our shocked eyes downwards to her feet we’d see the Disney girl hasn’t lost all her fashion sense about her, the girl still knows a damn good pair of shoes when she sees them!

Yea, you’re probably over her wardrobe shows, but trust me, the shoes are the real winners in this game. From her black and white Tom Ford boots above, to the Chanel chain booties you’ll see below, there were too many times to count where Miley’s shoe game was very proper even when her outfit may have been doing a tad more than it should have been.

Here’s a little teaser, but check out the photos below for the times Miley’s shoes completely stole the show.

Back in her tamer days (A.K.A. Spring of this year) Miley let her feet do the talking in this monochrome look.

We can actually look past the blunt, the labia, and while it’s hard, the bikini tan too, just to get a gander at those beautiful white platforms.

Yea, you’re wearing a bra and a matching skirt, but those school girl creepers are worth a second look.

Britney’s here, pasties are on and she’s wearing a thong and a mesh dress…but those Chanel chain booties are really a beauty.

Tongue wagging, vintage jewels, crazy hair…but oohhh the platform suede shoes.

Belts, buckles, and mesh yet those perfect eggshell white pumps and their pointed platforms are still stealing the show.

We’ll let all these gold chains slide only because she is rocking the sexiest pair of Versace boots, ever.

Who is looking at the Canadian tuxedo when she’s wearing killer thigh high boots like a boss?

And alas, the playful pink creepers that are cute while allowing her enough traction to twerk suttin.

See, there is hope for the old fashionable Miley after all.