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Two men have been caught and charged with stealing from the wrecked Porsche that killed actor Paul Walker and his friend Rodger Rodas. The pair stole a roof panel off the car as it was being towed away from the crash site.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, Jameson Brooks Witty and Anthony Edward Janow could face over four years in county jail if they’re found guilty of all the charges held against them.

They’re being accused of felony grand theft of personal property and two misdemeanor counts of destroying evidence as well as resisting, obstructing and delaying an officer. 25-year-old Janow is expected to surrender in court today. His 18-year-old cohort apologized for his actions via Instagram this weekend.

After the alleged incident, Witty shared a photo of the roof panel on Twitter with this tell-all caption:

“Piece of Paul Walker’s car, took it off a tow truck at a stop light.”

He was arrested Thursday in his home and later released on bail. He is due back in court in January.

In the meantime, friends and family gathered this weekend to pay tribute to Paul and Rodger in various ways. A car rally was organized at the site of the fatal crash by fellow car enthusiasts and fans as a send off to the two men; others looked on at the rally from a memorial at the scene of the tragic incident.

SOURCE: NY Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

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