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After a year of red carpets, Miley Cyrus antics and numerous photos of Rihanna in a bikini, it’s at long last time to recap who did it the absolute best in 2103. With a multitude of fashionistas bringing their A-Game in 2k13, it was far from an easy feat to narrow down the cremé de la cremé when it came to naming the most stylish woman of the year, so we had to set a couple of guidelines.

Personal style can vary from laid back to glammed up, but for argumentative purposes, we narrowed it down to the best dressed of the red carpet, and guided ourselves with a criteria that ranks those who constantly experiment with the unexpected and never play it safe when it comes to their style. Hair, makeup, styling and consistency were all considered in our ranking.

Without further chatter, take a look at our 13 best dressed women of 2013, with an honorable mention for good luck.

Honorable Mention: Zendaya Coleman

There is a fine line to walk when it comes to being both age appropriate and fashionable in a world as grown up as Hollywood. But somehow, by the grace of skilled stylist Luxury Law, Zendaya has learned to carefully err on the side of well dressed – without looking like she’s playing dress up.

13. Kelly Rowland

Kelly has always been our girl, but she came with a little something extra to the red carpets in 2013. Maybe it was the glow of new love in her life, or the ease of dressing a perfectly toned bod, but Kelly managed to dance to every single beat in the world of style. She’s #flawless.

12. Selena Gomez

A normal breakup would have you in your sweat pants, but a breakup with one of the most famous pop stars in the world means everyone is going to be watching, so Selena gave them a show. The former Disney gal sexed up her presence with help from cutout dresses from Cushnie et Ochs, structured pieces from Versace and stronger makeup looks. So now when she tells us to “Come And Get It,” we oblige.

11. Olivia Palermo

You may know Olivia from her rise to fame on Laguna Beach spinoff The Hills spinoff The City. She was painted as this impeccably dressed evil girl, and while we aren’t sure about the latter, we can verify that this gal’s fashion sense is unfuckwittable. From street style to red carpets, Olivia and her impossibly dapper boyfriend Johannes Huebl (seriously, his name is Johannes, how hot is that?) are the epitome of what NYC style stands for.

10. Ciara

When your body is a party, all you have to do is bring the decor, and that’s exactly what Ciara brought in 2013. From the custom Givenchy pieces she’s afforded due to her relationship with Riccardo Tisci (see below) to the simple, yet gorgeous, curve accentuation black dresses she fancies, it’s always a hit in the style department with Ciara. And now thanks to Future, every outfit will have a sparkling additive on her ring finger.

9. Rooney Mara

When Rooney Mara was doing press rounds for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, we were nothing short of obsessed with her monochrome palette and that “I’d rather be somewhere else gaze” that goes with just about every red carpet look. Even without a major blockbuster to promote, Rooney is still owning her figure, her minimalism, and just because she’s staying away from color doesn’t mean she’s not playing up shapes, textures and fabrics.

8. Nicole Richie 

You don’t get to be Rihanna’s favorite living fashionista with light work. Nicole Richie’s days of bandana tops and The Simple Life fuckery are long in the background, as she traded in her party girl card to be #flawless. We’ll just quote Rihanna on this one: “This bitch makes me throw up!” But we mean that in the best way possible, obviously.

7. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita is by no means a veteran in the red carpet realms like some of the other women on this list, but as a newcomer, her precision is worth noting. During press rounds promoting her breakout role in 12 Years A Slave, Lupita managed to keep it chic at every single appearance, keeping her lines clean, fits consistent and bold lips consistently on point. We’re excited to see what she serves for award season.

6. Rita Ora

We would be bold face fibbers if we didn’t say Rita has sported some looks that made us raise a brow, but isn’t that the best part about fashion? Rita is known to take risks in things like head-to-toe tartan, or full metallic evening gowns, but a classic look like hers is the perfect canvas for experimenting with just about every trend, and most times she fucking nails it.

5. Lily Collins

In the past, Lily played it safe with her fashion selections, playing up romantic and whimsical looks from brands some could only dream of, like Chanel, Marchesa and Valentino. But we knew the heart of a rocker’s daughter was lying dormant somewhere. Her latest plunge to the darker side of Givenchy sweaters as dresses, wine stained lips at every time of the day, and a haircut that is worth coveting may just be a sign that the 24-year-old stunner is coming into her own, and we are here for all of it. 

4. Jennifer Lawrence

You knew she would be here. For Hollywood’s favorite gal, being on best dressed lists is like morning coffee. She’s good at wearing clothes with confidence and poise, all while staying away from having the “I’m terribly uncomfortable” look on her face. Her recent pixie cut upped the ante as of late, and having the entire archive of couture Dior at her fingertips as the face of the brand has undoubtedly been an immense perk. Oh, and she can pose her ass off on that red carpet.

3. Rihanna

Bad girls do it well! Rihanna hasn’t been the most frequent on the red carpets this year, but when you’re busy touring the world, it’s a little hard to make it to everything. With her classic red lips and ever-changing hair, Rihanna has crossed the boundary of menswear and womenswear successfully at least once a week, in addition to being a trendsetter who seriously doesn’t give a phuck. Who else can show up with a doobie wrap with diamond pins and still make it on every best dressed list? Rihanna and only Rihanna, that’s who.

2. Naomie Harris

Oh, where do we even start? When Naomie was on her rounds as a Bond Girl, we saw her, acknowledged her flawlessness and continued on with our day, but when it came to Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom press rounds, she wasn’t asking for attention, she was demanding it. As the star of one of the most talked about movies of the year, Naomie’s visibility has been at an all-time career high, with at the very least three photo opportunities every week (that’s a lot, y’all) and with every flash, she was styled to perfection. Naomie didn’t miss a stitch, a shoe, or a stroke of lipstick on her quest to the top and for that reason, and for the dress below, she fought a hard fight for number one with….

1. Kerry Washington

CROWN! If Olivia Pope were a real person, she would be ranking pretty close in comparison to the Queen of the Red Carpet, Kerry. Kerry has always known how to pull herself together something nice, but with a monumental role in Django Unchained, followed by the lead role in ABC’s Scandal, she had all the red carpet opportunities in the world to get her shine on, and shine she did. In everything from hi-low dresses to magnificent ball gowns, Kerry is a woman after our own hearts when she steps on that red carpet.

What are your thoughts on the best dressed of 2013?


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