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New Year's Eve 2013 In Times Square

Happy New Year!

It’s the one day of the year where virtually anything goes on the party scene, and if you’ve thrown back over a half-dozen shots, New Year’s Eve can quickly turn into the gifted curse. The gift when you’re high is peaking, the curse when you’re coming down (or falling down depending on the circumstance).

Not to mention, New Year’s Eve is always severely expensive, extremely mediocre, or sadly boring – never in-between. To make matters worse, NYE prompts people to make promises (or resolutions) they’ll never keep, making it the best AND worst holiday to ever exist.

Before you drink yourself to oblivion or sit a home and twiddle your thumbs, confirm your suspicions about New Year’s Eve below. 

1.  NYE’s is the best because it’s the one holiday where it’s absolutely necessary to get drunk.

Absolutely shit faced.

2. But if you’re not careful, NYE could turn out bad….

3. Endless amounts of champagne never hurt anybody though…

4. If you happen to be in NYC, bringing in the New Year in Times Square is literally the gift AND the curse.

And at some point in the night, you remember that…

4. Let’s not forget about this “kiss at midnight” = best AND worst thing about NYE.

It’s the best when it’s with someone you really love.

5. The worst when you’re stuck at home…alone…with your dog.

6. Obviously, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve is a plus.

7. NYE is great when your friends get drunkenly sentimental, but…

It’s also really annoying.

8. Downside to the holiday…you don’t get any presents.

9. Instead, you get cheap New Year’s glasses.

But sometimes you get lucky and get the flashy ones that light up.

10. The countdown is exciting. And so is…

11. The toast…but…

12. Yelling “Happy New Year!” is definitely the best thing ever.

13. But then there’s always one friend who’s upset because they’re single (and lonely) on NYE.

14. Finding the perfect outfit for NYE is the worst thing since the McRib.

15. And it seems, NYE outfits always have wardrobe malfunctions.

BUT, once you find a festive sequined blazer or dress. It’s makes the headache well worth it.

16. Let’s not forget how unreasonably…

expensive NYE is…

17. And the long ass lines…

18. And the large crowds…

But when you’re at the party…

It’s all good.

19. Oh, and can’t forget how it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to catch a cab.

20. If you decide to bring in the new year with the Lord…

that’s always good too…

Because church is “TURNT” up sometimes.

ESPECIALLY on New Year’s Eve.

21. Oh, and you have to hate that ONE friend who gets all self-righteous…

and tries to suggest a New Year’s Resolution for you.

When clearly, you don’t need one.

Yeah…that’s the worst.

22. Did we mention partying?

So remember in 2014…

And stay away from glitter.

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