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Being a rich, sexy, (and did I mention rich), celebrity in Hollywood, there’s lots of temptation that may be hard to avoid.

People throw themselves at celebrities everyday, just to get a piece of the pie. But don’t place all the blame on the groupies, the celebrities who succumb to the temptations are just as guilty.

Most of the world would say that if they were cheated on, they would leave their partner in the blink of an eye. But believe it or not, there are some people who decide to stick by they’re mate, not matter what.

Stars like Fergie have shown us that despite what anyone else in the world has to say, they will stick by they’re spouse through thick, thin, and infidelity.

Check out our gallery of these ride-or-die couples who’ve stuck it out despite infidelities:

10 Celebrity Couples Who’ve Stayed Together Despite Infidelity! (PHOTOS)
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