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Temperatures aren’t back to normal, but the Polar Vortex is slowing shifting away from the U.S.

Blistering low temperatures hit the 50 states with temperatures in the single digits. According to CNN, North Dakota dealt with wind chills in the 50’s below zero, Atlanta experienced dangerous lows, and Chicago became ‘Chiberia’ with -11 degree wind chills.

While we all bundled up in old cheesy Christmas sweaters and countless layers, the weather became a main topic of conversation. There were the “I told you so” boasts of Global Warming believers, folks that didn’t know what the Polar Vortex was, and the people who actually enjoyed the terrifying lows.

The freezing temperatures also broke some serious records. Over 35 cites set record lows across the country due to the Polar Vortex, many in the midwest. Meteorologists haven’t seen lows like yesterday since the early 90’s.

Now we can finally relax as the weather is slowly getting back to normal and take a look at the coldest day this year. The weather literally put out fires, droids somewhat came to life, and everyone threw hot boiling water in the air to see what would happen. Which was…well…idiotic (if it wasn’t cold enough, you risked getting burned with the water). But no judgement here. Science is freaking cool.

Check out some photos below about the Polar Vortex we’ll never forget.


Burr! The Coldest Photos From The Frigid Polar Vortex (PHOTOS)
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