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Social media has given celebrities the unique opportunity to connect with a huge amount of their fans all in one place. Most celebs have chosen to utilize their Twitter and Instagram accounts in order to promote their latest projects, or to share their latest filter-free selfie.

But did you know that a lot of celebs have accounts outside of their very high-profile Twitter and Instagram pages?

Most stars have exclusive content and personal messages that you won’t find anywhere else. They may not be updated as frequently, but when they are, it’s always worth the wait.

If you haven’t been able to check out your favorite celebs’ other accounts, don’t fret! We put together a list of everyone you should be following outside of Twitter and Instagram.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s tumblr has to be one of our favorite celebrity social media accounts. Even before he chose to use the medium to announce that he was bisexual, Frank used tumblr as a way to release his thoughts, showcase some of his music, send out original photos, answer questions from fans, and voice his opinion on topics ranging from Paul Walker’s death to Prince on social media.


Ariana Grande

We love how feminine and cute Ariana Grande is, and her personal tumblr reflects her personality in the best way. Ariana fans will definitely love her original pictures, selfies, and exclusives with her boyfriend.

Cara Delevingne

Fashion model wild child Cara Delevingne is also a must-follow on tumblr. Her self titled blog will get you up to date with her recent editorials and some personal photos not on her Instagram. Of course, you can find hilarious memes and gifs on her page, what else would you expect from fashion’s token funny girl?!

Moises Arias

Moises Arias may be known from his time as “Rico” on Hannah Montana, but this kid definitely could start a career in photography if he wanted. Moises is part of Jaden Smith’s MSFTS crew, and he takes his camera everywhere they go. To get a glimpse of some honest, very candid moments featuring Jaden, Kendall, Kylie, and even Willow, follow Moises.


Fashion’s resident cool girl, Vashtie, keeps up to date with her tumblr on a pretty regular basis. Although it’s nice to see celebrities reblog content, it’s even better when they can keep their blogs exclusive with their own photos. If you ever wanted a closer look at all the different hats this busy chick wears, her blog is the place to be.

Jhene Aiko

If you’ve been looking for a place on the web to ground yourself in positive vibes, Jhene Aiko’s tumblr is a good place to start. This soul child regularly posts spiritual proverbs and positive affirmations, as well as exclusive pics of herself.

John Mayer

We all know John Mayer can get deep, but if you want to read his thoughts on a larger scale, you should definitely check out his tumblr. From personal pictures of him, his girlfriend Katy Perry and his friends, to his thoughts on creating new music, John’s tumblr is a perfect reflection of his mindset.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has the best combination of a personal website and tumblr page we’ve seen so far. Alicia’s sultry personality oozes off the screen and makes you feel like you know her. She is always updating her page with great original photos of her and her super cute family, and also letting fans know about her most recent projects.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad has the most feminine and unique personal style, so the best place to go to get an example of her fashion sense is her Pinterest page. She has a lot of different boards, from DIY projects to good reads. The pink theme runs deep, so this is a girly-girl’s dream celeb follow!

Coca Rocha

Supermodel Coca Rocha certainly knows how to utilize her Pinterest page. All fans of fashion can find inspiration on one of her 15 different Pinterest boards. She is always updating her board with great pics of her supermodel friends, and even has a board dedicated to her personal fashion week experiences.


Paris Hilton

The original socialite, Miss Paris Hilton, is just as interesting on her Pinterest page as she is on TV and in real life. If you have ever wondered what fills the mind of a billionaire heiress, take a look at her inspiration board. Scroll through her beauty secrets board to learn how to look your best, or the ‘Everything Paris’ board to learn a little more about Miss Hilton.

Katy Perry

If you are obsessed with all things Katy Perry, please head straight for her Pinterest. Katy and her team have created a never-ending madhouse full of Katy related images that you can spend days going through. Katy is so close to her fans, which is evident in almost every one of her Pinterest boards. She has endless photos with her and her fans, red carpet photos, and fan art. Stop what you’re doing and go NOW!