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It’s a Carter family vacation, y’all!

Beyonce’s most recent tumblr dump brings fans along on a family vacation in the Dominican Republic and promises to make you forget the Polar Vortex, if only for a moment. Bey shared a few family photos, some sexy selfies and even just a few shots of the local scenery

Mrs. Carter let fans know how the Carters do family time, with a photo of Jay Z and his baby girl Blue Ivy kickin’ it on a yacht. While Jay looks off into the distance, Blue gets up close and personal with the camera – so much so, that all you can see of her is her precious natural locks.

Not all of their time was spent together during the getaway, however. Bey and Jay snuck away for a little mommy-daddy downtime and took a stroll down the beach.

The queen of hip-pop also showed off her selfie game and put the rest of us to shame with three epic self portraits from her time off. The first showcases Beyonce’s perfectly tousled tresses, a beachy straw hat, dope shades and a green bikini top.

However, this vacation wasn’t all rest and relaxation; The Carters like to have a little fun as well. Beyonce shared a photo of herself gearing up to take a cruise through her tropical paradise on a scooter. She also shared a photo of some gorgeous vine flowers climbing a wall and a few shots of the palms swaying in the summer-like breeze.

We don’t know about you, but we’re totally jealous right now!

It’s a good thing Bey’s well rested, because Stateside rumors are swirling about the singer’s relationship with none other than Barack Obama.

The Internet was abuzz with rumors of an alleged affair between Beyonce and POTUS. Neither Bey nor Barack have addressed the story, but a Washington Post spokesperson is speaking out:

“You know, at this time, the United States, there is something big that is happening,” Pasal Rostann allegedly said during a radio interview. “Anyway, it’ll go out tomorrow in the Washington Post – we cannot say that in the gutter press – an alleged affair between President Barack Obama and Beyonce. I can assure you that the world will be talking about it.”

Post spokesperson Kris Coratti says these claims are “definitely not true.”

“I can tell you that this is wrong,” Coratti reportedly told Vanity Fair France. “The Washington Post does not prepare articles like this.

C’mon guys. Bey & Barack? Kinda ridiculous.

Peep The Carter’s vacation pics below.


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