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Every relationship needs a little bit of healthy competition…

Lena Dunham revealed during an interview with the Grantland Channel that she’s totally obsessed with a blog called “Old Loves,” an ode to past celebrity relationships.

“(It’s) my passion, I check it, like, once a week,” she told Grantland’s Channel, according to Britain’s Daily Mail. “It’s how I kick back on Friday night is to see what ‘Old Loves’ has done.”

Well, during one of her visits to the site, the GIRLS star was shocked to find out her boyfriend, fun. musician Jack Antonoff, used to date the bombshell Scarlett Johansson!

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“I was going through it and I saw my boyfriend and his girlfriend from high school,” she said. “Scarlett Johansson.”

Lena says that she was totally cool with it, and really loved seeing pictures of the high school couple that only dated for a year. But her brain actually almost exploded.

“I was like, ‘My mind is going to explode.’ I really did think I was hallucinating,” she confessed. “It would be like seeing my parents. “She’s beautiful, he’s beautiful, but it was just so surreal to be looking through this blog that gives me so much pleasure and then there’s my boyfriend,” she added.

As much as we love ScarJo, we think Jack’s found a winner with Lena.

SOURCE: Daily News | PHOTO SOURCE: Getty

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