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Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez may face assault and battery charges after he beat up a handcuffed inmate late last month. The New England Patriot has been moved into a new cell, where he must stay for a minimum of 30 days, in addition to having several privileges provoked. Hernandez has been in prison since June 26 awaiting trial for the death of Odin Lloyd. Read about it here… [DailyMail]

This week, Alabama passed four anti-abortion laws, during which Rep. Alvin Holmes – a Democrat from Montgomery – pointed out the state’s hypocrisy. Holmes comments that 99 percent of the white people in the debate will raise their hand to vote against abortion, but the same percentage of white people would be for abortion if their daughters got pregnant by a black man. Read about it here… [Jezebel]

Recently, the Senate shot down legislation that would remove the prosecution of rape from the military chain of command, insisting that removing this command would undermine commanders. Confused as we are? Read about it here…  [TPM DC]

Russian President Vladimir Putin rebuffed a warning from President Obama over Moscow’s military intervention in Crimea, insisting that “Russia cannot ignore calls for help and it acts accordingly, in full compliance with international law.” Read about it here… [Reuters]