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Even before SXSW 2014 kicked off, Lady Gaga was the story of the festival. First, it was being reported that the singer wouldn’t be able to get the permits for the set, because she’s too big for the venue. That was eventually settled. So yesterday, the “Applause” artist performed.

And what a performance it was. Gaga put on a show that was either artistic or disgusting, depending on who you are. While performing “Swine” off her album Artpop, Gaga had her friend Millie Brown come on stage, put her finger down her throat and vomit up a green substance on Mother Monster herself.

Gaga kept performing with the vomit on her. There was video of the wild scene (Fuse was streaming it) but it was scrubbed off the Internet.

However, Buzzfeed was able to gif up the act before the video could be taken down.

Do you wanna see? OK. Just be warned, shit is gross:


SOURCE: BuzzFeed  | PHOTO SOURCE: Buzzfeed, iEmoji

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