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Justin Bieber is one hunky bad boy and we love it.

The “Hold On Tight” singing sensation recently did his best impression of the late actor James Dean and surprisingly, the Biebs actually did the original flick justice (see here).

He posed in the same way that Dean once did while smoking a cigarette, and the only big differences are the fact that Justin doesn’t actually smoke cigarettes and his tattoos.

Speaking of which, he just got some new ink, but this time on his chest and stomach area.

TMZ shared a video of Justin at 40,000 feet on his private jet, where a tattoo artist inked up the side of his stomach with the word “Forgive.” Justin also has a new cross sitting pretty on his chest.

The Biebs isn’t the only one dibbling and dabbling with ink, however. Kendall Jenner has debuted yet another sharpie tattoo that was so good it left us wondering when she’ll go all out and get a permanent tat.

The 18-year-old model posted a picture of the gorgeous ink, which covered her entire right shoulder with 3D-like feathers.

That’s not all.

Kendall also shared the above photo of her nephew Mason Disick, who was pretty busy bonding with his mom’s cat. Mason is too cute!

Check out all the pics above, and Bieber’s “Forgive tattoo here.


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