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So this happened.

An elderly man who is serious about his Big Mac and fries got into a physical altercation with a woman after she “skipped” him in the McDonald’s drive-thru line in Winter Haven, Florida.

Howard Carl Wilson was irate, and apparently hungry, when he confronted the car that drove in front of him carrying passenger Brittani Thomas.

After throwing racial insults, Thomas can be seen opening the door to ask Wilson what the problem was. When she tried to close the door, Wilson blocked it. Eventually, he reached into the vehicle to punch her. He then walked back to his car and drove away.

Fortunately, cars behind Wilson’s caught the racial-epithet-riddled-argument-turned-physical-fight all on camera (above). One person recording took down Wilson’s license plate number and officers later showed up to the home where he admitted to being at the McDonald’s that night. He didn’t, however, admit to the fight.

Wilson initially told cops he was only at the car for 15 seconds and that he was angry that the driver almost cut him off. When officers showed him the video, Wilson admitted that the situation was much more than he recalled. “It was like a road rage incident,” Wilson told authorities.

He was charged with simple battery and booked at the Polk County Jail. He’s since been released and probably still has a hankering for some Mickey D’s.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube

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