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It’s Tuesday and if Adam Silver didn’t save the day by hitting Donald Sterling with a lifetime ban, the day would have been quite boring.

But if you’re tired of hearing about the NBA, racism and Donald Sterling, then this is the post for you to get your mind off it all. First though, let us look at some of the Vine reactions to Mr. Sterling’s lifetime NBA ban.

1. Donald Sterling’s grandson:

2. Adam Silver paving his own legacy in the NBA like…

3. Donald Sterling’s reaction to the lifetime ban:

4. Adam Silver back at his office like…

5. Olbermann though.

6. OK, we think that’s enough for now. So let’s look at the cutest kitten video.

7. Look closely then… Wait for it.

8. Things you want to say to your boss, but never do.

9. The best birth control ever, aka reasons why these people’s kids are crying, which will make you not want to have children.

Example? This boy wasn’t allowed to electrocute himself.

10. Moving on….Gandalf rapping the theme to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

11. The complete list of things Pinky was pondering while Brain was trying to take over the world:

12. Thirty eight of the most ironic moments caught on camera. Click here for more. 

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll.

PHOTO CREDIT: Reddit , Tumblr.