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Pharrell has been on one hell of a “Happy” streak over this past year, and while we’ve finally managed to get that infectious tune of his out of our heads, seeing him on the cover of magazine makes us feel very, well, for lack of a better word, happy.

The magazine tapped the talented tastemaker for its annual arts issue, in which we see the anti-aging enigma go from musician to muse, as portrayed by artists. A regular editorial spread just wouldn’t do–instead Pharrell takes other forms: he’s painted by Alex Katz and becomes a cartoon by Takashi Murakami, for example.

Inside the issue, W’s Lynn Hirschberg pens a piece on Skateboard P’s best year yet and how he went from being “the guy next to the guy,” to being the guy who’s at the forefront of fame. 

“From the start, I chased my curiosities,” he told the magazine. “I had a vision then—I’d be like, ‘It should be like this! Or ‘We have to do it like that.’ When I was young, I thought I knew everything. Now, I’m not sure if I know anything.”

Head on over to W to read P’s full interview, where he talks about his hat, his highly-anticipated Adidas collaboration, and how he’s embracing the spotlight.


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