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As Mother’s Day 2014 officially came to a close, regular folks and celebrities alike celebrated the women who brought them into the world.

Thanks to social media, our timelines were flooded with motherly love, with some moms showing love to their children and some sons and daughters big-upping their moms, who raised them to be the awesome people they are today. Whether it was Justin Bieber hugging his mom, or Kris Jenner hanging out with little Kendall Jenner, images of motherly affection were the trend of the day.

Through all the love, Beyonce summed it up best:

Happy Mother’s Day to the women who fight everyday for a loving, safe, and secure environment for their children. We honor you.”

Take a look at the most touching photos from Mother’s Day 2014 in the accompanying gallery.


The Most Touching Pics From Mother’s Day 2014 (PHOTOS)
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