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Rita Ora and Calvin Harris were certainly a beautiful couple, but things just couldn’t work between them.

After speculation about their relationship for the last couple of weeks, the EDM DJ recently took to his Twitter to announce that he and the “I Will Never Let You Down” singer have sadly broken up.

He tweeted to his fans and followers:

According to TMZ, however, there is some speculation that Justin Bieber is the reason behind their breakup after he allegedly got “touchy feely” with Rita while in the studio together.

The site reports:

Our sources say … word got back to Calvin, Justin and Rita got “touchy feely” with each other while they were in the recording studio together over the last few months.  Calvin heard they were very affectionate — she would sit on his lap, he would rub her back, etc.

Justin was down in Mexico for the last few days … and not coincidentally RIta was there as well.

A source also revealed to the site that Calvin has had her things removed from his home in L.A., despite his tweet saying that he wishes her the best.

Rob Kardashian is still available, Rita. We’re just sayin’.


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