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She’s about that selfie life.

Leave it up to Miley Cyrus to get creative and post a topless selfie with her signature tongue sticking out, as she semi-showed off her boobs on the ‘Gram. We almost can spot a little nip-nip, which instead is covered by a random mini red octopus icon. Miley captioned her surprise photo “#preshoweralfalfaselfieLife” in reference to her gelled up-do that resembles the 1994 film Little Rascals – but it looks more like There’s Something About Mary to us.

The former Disney star always keeps us intrigued by her ever-so free-spirited rebel attitude, including her crazy performances and wild attitudes.

Miley Cyrus posted another photo tatted up and looking like Justin Bieber.

In another, Miles flaunts her tats and slender bikini body after the shower.

“#post showerinstagram whores selfielife.”

You can say what you want about Ms. Cyrus, but there’s certainly no shame in her game.


Miley Cyrus Shows Reveals Lots Of Skin For “Bangerz” Tour
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