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In today’s edition of “Stories from Florida,” we learned how one man found the ultimate coin purse, and how another’s careless mistake caused a baby to lose its life.  

We can’t make this stuff up.

The Wrong Hole

When the going gets tough, the tough shove things up their bum.

According to FCN News, 30-year-old Tyrone Booker was arrested over a drug bust in Jacksonville last week. Police caught Booker with over $300 dollars in his wallet. After putting Booker in a police car, the officers left and returned later to find the money missing. Booker was booked and searched – but the money still didn’t show up.

Police later noticed through surveillance footage that the money was in a very special place. Cameras showed Booker spitting on his fingers and constantly moving them around in his pants. When Booker confessed to shoving the money up his rectum, he was taken to the emergency room, where the cash and a rubber band were removed from his rectum.

The suspect finally revealed his hiding spot when he found out the next step was a trip to the Emergency Room. The money was rolled up and wrapped in a rubber band inside his rectum. Due to the money being covered in biohazard, it was not counted and the JSO funds could not be verified.

Booker is facing charges including resisting officer without violence, introducing or smuggling contraband into a detention facility, tampering with evidence, and selling marijuana within 1,000 feet of a convenience business.

Read more about his daring move here…[FCN News]

Tears in Heaven 

A family from Orlando is mourning the loss of their baby after he was run over and killed by the mother’s boyfriend.

According to the Daily Mail, Dale Dorman was unaware that Eston Pernicano was in the driveway when he was leaving his girlfriend’s home on Saturday. The one-year-old was run over by Dorman’s SUV and later died at a local hospital after succumbing to his injuries.

Dorman already has multiple careless driving and speeding citations under his belt, the Orlando Sentinel reported. ‘We can’t penalize someone for getting traffic citations in a previous incident,’ Montes told the paper.

Charges are still pending against Dorman.

See video of the heartbreaking scene here. [Daily Mail ]