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Spooky Black is a young on-the-rise R&B singer who released a music video called “Without You” that has been attracting so much internet attention, even Kylie Jenner seems to find him entertaining.

So who exactly is Spooky Black? He occasionally goes by the name “Lil’ Spook” and he’s a 15-year old from St. Paul, Minnesota who likes to wear old FUBU gear, stocking caps, gold chains, and the turtlenecks to match. Lil Spook is a very hidden artist with barely any forms of social media. He has no Instagram and his Twitter account has 37 tweets – proving he’s an unconventional teenager.

The most surprising part of it all is that he actually has a voice that’ll bring you to tears. The new R&B artist slides his way into the music world in the most creative way – attracting viewers with the oddest visuals (directed by Gabe Broderick), his 2004 apparel, and ultimately, his charming voice.

Because of his new recognition, he’s been compared to R&B artists The Weeknd and James Blake. This boy, believe it or not, could make music for your wedding ceremonies.

The “Without You” video is something you definitely have to show to your friends for a few laughs, but then the music is something that could probably have you in your feelings.

Since the video, Lil’ Spook has released a project titled Black Silk, which you can listen to here.

He’s testing boundaries by mixing his 2004 fashion style, but he surprises us with the voice of an angel. This is Spooky Black.


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