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Newark, New Jersey Police are looking for potential witnesses following the killing of a high school cheerleader that took place just two weeks after graduation. Cheyanne Bond, 17, was shot and became Newark’s third homicide in a 24-hour period last weekend. Since the killing, local officials have put up signs calling any witnesses to come forward to help aid the investigation. Read more here…[CBS]

No means no! Elizabeth Highley reportedly chased a 25-year-old man around a Florida parking lot with a hunting knife and a cane after he refused her sexual advances. Her victim sustained a small laceration to his thumb. He told officials that they were not a couple. Read more here…[NYDailyNews]

Meanwhile, in WTF news, a drunk Oklahoma woman led police on a high-speed chase to her preferred penitentiary. Luz Avilla, 34, of Chickasha, apparently did not want to go to jail in Grady County, but wanted to get locked up in Caddo County instead. She hit 100 mph trying to cross the county line. Read more here…[Gawker]

Awesome! Facebook is expanding its diversity recruitment and outreach initiatives and have partnered with #YesWeCode, a new non-profit dedicated to training 100,000 low-opportunity youth in how to code. Friday at EssenceFest, #YesWeCode will officially launch a Facebook built tool to help parents, students, and volunteers find coding education organizations in their neighborhood. Read more here…[YesWeCode]