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A trooper for California Highway Patrol was caught on camera beating an unnamed woman on the side of a highway earlier this week and now, the woman’s granddaughter, Mayisha Adams, has broke her silence on the issue.

She said on Saturday:

“He punched and pound and pound on her, the only thing she could do was block her face.”

Her statement comes after the news broke that the officer in question has been put on paid leave until the investigation is sorted out.

Her grandmother had been walking barefoot down the interstate when the officer tackled her to the ground.

The incident, which a passer-by caught on tape, is being written off as a safety concern for the California Highway Patrol. At a news conference, CHP Assistant Chief Chris O’Quinn said the woman was a threat to herself and people in traffic, and the officer was forced to restrain her.

“Force” seems about right, as the officer hit the woman at least 11 times in the head.

Watch the clip above to see for yourself.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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