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In a horrifying turn of events, a photograph of a Texas teenager passed out after being drugged and sexually assaulted has become a meme called the #jadapose.

Jada, who withheld her last name, told KHOU that she was drugged with a spiked drink while hanging out at a friend of a friend’s house on June 1. Her family reported the incident on June 22 and Houston police are “actively” investigating.

“I had no control,” she told the station. “I didn’t tell anyone to take my clothes off and do what they did to me.”

The image shows the 16-year-old lying on the floor with one leg bent. Now, others are taking photographs of themselves in a similar pose and posting them to Twitter with the hashtag #jadapose.

According to Buzzfeed, the #JadaPose “meme” has been referenced on Twitter more than a thousand times since last week. The teenager and her family, however, are working to highlight the seriousness of sexual assault, denouncing the hurtful memes, and blocking users who contribute to the rape culture hashtag.

“There’s no point in hiding,” she told the station. “Because of the picture everybody has already seen my face and body.”

Her alleged rapist has reportedly taken to Twitter to proclaim his innocence, bragging about his recent arrest, and retweeting supporters.

GlobalGrind does not typically name sexual assault victims, but Jada told KHOU that she was willing to be identified.