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The NFL is no stranger to dealing with domestic violence headlines in the news.

This time, though, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice will only be suspended for the first two games of the season as punishment for allegedly knocking his then-fiancé Janay Palmer unconscious back in February in the elevator of an Atlantic City casino.

The disturbing video showed Palmer’s limp body being dragged out of the elevator at the Revel Casino by the football player. Rice was indicted on third-degree aggravated assault charges in March for allegedly knocking Palmer out. A day after the indictment, the couple went on to get married. The newlyweds originally planned to do a summer wedding, but they unexpectedly moved the date up in the midst of their domestic violence drama.

Back in May, Rice spoke to the media in Baltimore, where he surprisingly didn’t take the opportunity to apologize to his wife. Instead, he said that he had “failed miserably.” Palmer also spoke to the media, taking responsibility for the situation despite being the alleged victim.

Although the NFL does have policies regarding consequences for domestic violence, many are calling for stricter rules due to its prevalence amongst players. During the 2012 season, 21 of the 32 NFL teams had at least one player with a domestic violence or sexual assault charge on their record.

If that wasn’t enough of a wake up call for the NFL to consider stricter policies, then we don’t know what other proof the league needs to show players that this is a serious problem that needs a permanent solution — on the field and off.