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In “OMG I didn’t know dressing up like a particular subset of your community to perpetuate the worst stereotypes about that community was racism!” news, a high school cheerleading squad in California decided to take the picture above — and then act like it wasn’t offensive.

The teenage cheerleaders are now on “hiatus” pending an investigation by school officials from Redlands East Valley High School.

Maybe we can help them out here. Cheerleaders dress like gang members in baggy clothes. Cheerleaders flash what appear to be gang signs. Cheerleaders stuff their clothes to appear pregnant. Cheerleaders wear bandanas, rock tattoos, and pose in what pop culture deems “gangsta” leans.

Yup. Dead wrong. According to NBC, officials believe the photo was taken last week, but Redlands School District official Brad Mason said the district became aware of the photo Tuesday.

“Anything stereotypical in a negative light like that is not funny, especially at somebody else’s expense,” parent Tracy Gomez said. “Teenage pregnancy, gun violence.

District Superintendent Lori Rhodes released a statement, which said in part that she found “the picture offensive” and that “this type of depiction will not be tolerated.”

But maybe we’re just being racially sensitive. Because, you know, these girls didn’t intend to offend anyone.

Ashley Scott, a recent graduate of Redlands East Valley High School, knows several of the cheerleaders in the photo.

“I was a little disappointed in the girls, just because that’s not who we are,” Scott said. “I don’t believe that any of the girls meant to do this on purpose, to send any kind of message to anyone.”

Good news here. The school district isn’t buying it. Officials say they are working with Redlands East Valley High School and the community to address cultural awareness and sensitivity, so we’ll see how that goes.

Until Halloween rolls around or Katy Perry releases a new video, that is.


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