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A celebrated teacher from North Dakota is facing charges of engaging in a sexual relationship with a student.

According to the Huffington PostAaron Knodel of West Fargo High School will most likely be placed on suspension after five felony charges were announced on Friday. The complaint states that Knodel had sex with a former student who was 17-years-old.

A complaint filed in East Central District Court charges Aaron Knodel, an English teacher at West Fargo High School, with corruption or solicitation of a minor.

Authorities say the incidents happened in February or March of 2009, including twice in a classroom, twice at Knodel’s residence and once in the victim’s car.

Robert Hoy, Knodel’s attorney, said in a statement that Knodel is not guilty and passed a lie-detector test.

While Knodel, a recipient of the school’s “Teacher Of The Year Award” was placed on paid administrative leave, his students and Hoy claim the allegations aren’t true.

“I don’t know why such allegations would arise now, but the passage of time makes it much more difficult for Aaron to defend himself,” Hoy said. “So, until we can have an opportunity to present this case to a jury, I ask that prospective jurors keep an open mind and reserve judgment, despite the salacious allegations that have been made. There are always two sides to every story,” the West Fargo attorney said.

His lawyer insists that Knodel is innocent and the charges have damaged his reputation.

“Aaron Knodel is a husband, father and highly regarded high school teacher,” Hoy said. “He has been a positive influence in the lives of hundreds of students. As you can imagine, being charged with a crime is a devastating experience, which will impact him and his family forever.”

The former student, who is now 23-years-old, hasn’t commented on the complaint.

Knodel will be arraigned on September 5th.