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Happy Birthday Bey!

Once again, it’s Beysus’ birthday and as the queen of humanity and everything lovely in the world, like clockwork, we’re celebrating the 33 years she’s been snatching our wigs.

Beyonce, Jay Z, and Blue Blue are probably on a yacht somewhere in the French Antilles celebrating, while we’re here typing away and enduring the very late heatwave in New York City. But that’s neither here nor there. We just know Beyonce’s not somewhere in the Lower East Side getting hammered at a dive bar with the $6 beer/shot special. #NoBasicZone.

In honor of Bey’s birthday, we decided to take a closer look into her connection to the number four. Obviously, we know her and Jay Z’s birthdays are on the fourth of September and December, but it’s deeper than that. Trust.

This article would be so much better if it was actually her 34th birthday instead of her 33rd, but it’s not, so get over it. We’ll probably do this same exact article next year.

Anywho, we’re wishing Beyonce the same amount of birthdays as Betty White, and she’s old as f*ck.

Enjoy our numerology breakdown in the gallery below.


Beyonce’s Complicated Connection To The Number 4 (LIST)
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