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The cast of The Little Rascals reunited for the film’s 20th anniversary and it was so epic.

Though they’re not so little anymore, the crew gathered to recreate the 1994 movie’s iconic – and adorable – poster, as well as several scenes, thanks to 22 Vision, a production company dedicated to reuniting cast members from major movies. The company debuted a side-by-side of the poster then and now on its Facebook page and fans ate it up.

Check out both posters above.

Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight officially has a release date.

According to The Weinstein Company, the film will hit theaters in Fall 2015. This will be Tarantino’s ninth movie.

Quentin reportedly considered scrapping the project after the script leaked early this year. He’s now planning to start filming this January. Tarantino revealed plans to shoot the film in large format and Weinstein says it will receive “the widest 70mm release in over 20 years.”

We’re still waiting to get final confirmation on casting for the film.

The first photos of GIRLS star Allison Williams as Peter Pan are here and, trust us, they are a must-see.

To get into character, Allison ditched her long locks in favor of a shorter style and suited up in Pan’s signature green outfit. The young actress revealed she didn’t actually have to permanently part with her perfect hair, though she did offer to. Williams told TODAY hosts and viewers the masculine cut is actually just a short wig.

Williams says the entire process of playing Peter Pan has been “so fun.” “I can only imagine what the next couple of weeks and months are going to bring. I cannot wait,” she said.

Allison also revealed NBC’s latest musical will be live. “We’re so excited about the live part of it,” she said. “I think that’s what makes it so fun.”

Find out more about her upcoming role here.

Emmy Rossum and Hilary Swank are teaming up for a new film that’s sure to be a tear jerker.

In the film, titled You’re Not You, Swank plays a woman suffering from ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Hilary’s condition is getting worse fast, so her and her husband begin the search for a caregiver. She and Emmy’s character are bound to one another when Rossum is hired.

What begins as a business relationship quickly turns into a heartwarming friendship, as Emmy sets out to make the best of the little time Hilary’s character has left.

Check out the trailer above, but be sure you’ve got the tissues on deck.

SOURCE: Us Magazine, Indie Wire, E!, Jezebel | PHOTO/VIDEO CREDIT:  22 Vision, Twitter, Instagram, NBC.

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