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Last season, Skingraft presented us with the moody nomad goth, but for the springtime, designer Jonny Cota is lightening things up. Sort of.

Unlike the Alpha line of mostly all black looks, Skingraft returns to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with a slight splash of color and white-on-white ensembles, though the inspiration is still as dark as ever—blood and bone.

The Santa Sangre (“Holy Blood”) Spring/Summer 2015 collection draws inspiration from the aforementioned elements, along with smoke, earth, and the religion of Santeria. Cota collaborated with Jordan Eagles, a “blood artist,” to create prints that portray the “lighter mystical side” of the brand, and eerily so.

Trends spotted: You won’t find a single groundbreaking floral print here. Skingraft expertly masters monochromatic looks in luxe leather while incorporating smoky and bloody graphics in light pieces such as trapeze shirts and dresses. 

Faces in the front row: 2 Chainz, Ally Hilfiger, Perez Hilton, Phillip Bloch, Skrillex, Stacy London, Whoopi Goldberg

My rating: Skingraft’s Jonny Cota nails it yet again with this one. He never fails to deliver the gothic goodness and quality pieces that don’t disappoint in the details department. 

My favorite look: A toss-up between the charcoal gray one-piece bathing suit with a hooded cover-up, or layered white shirtdress paired with an impeccably crafted leather and mesh jacket.


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