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Police Commissioner William Bratton is reportedly “embarrassed” after yet another video surfaced of New York Police Department officers using excessive force on an unarmed person.

Two NYPD officers, identified as Tyrane Isaac and David Afanador, are under criminal investigation after they punched and hit a 16-year-old in the face with a gun. The teenager, Kahreem Tribble, was being pursued by the officers for drug possession in Brooklyn. In the disturbing video, you can see Tribble raise his hands in surrender when stopped by the officers.

From DNA Info:

As the teen stops running, one officer throws a punch at his face. Then, as the suspect raises his hands, the other officer clocks him with his gun.

When the officers got out of their car to approach Tribble, he allegedly tossed away a small black canvas bag and took off running. The officers — one with his gun drawn — gave chase, concerned that the suspect had a weapon, sources said.

Shortly thereafter, Tribble slows down and stops and appears prepared to be arrested. But an officer, identified as Tyrane Isaac, rushes up to him and takes a swing at his head.

The teen ducks the blow and then can be seen retreating — with his hands up — to a storefront gate.

Officer David Afanador — his gun drawn — then catches up and rushes straight to Tribble, hitting him in the his face with his gun, breaking a front tooth and chipping another.

The teen was arrested for possessing 17 small bags of marijuana and for disorderly conduct. He pleaded guilty to a violation at his arraignment and was released. In addition to cracked teeth, Tribble also suffered numerous bruises and bleeding from his mouth.

The officers, who are from the 79th Precinct, are under investigation conducted by NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau and Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson.

“What’s depicted on this video is troubling and warrants a thorough investigation,” Thompson told “On The Inside.”

The disturbing video also shows Officer Afanador smacking Tribble in the face with the canvas bag. He has since been suspended without pay. Isaac has been placed on modified duty and stripped of his badge and gun. Another officer, Christopher Mastoros, who took action to help the injured teen, may face departmental charges for failing to stop the other officers during the attack.

Both officers involved face possible criminal charges and dismissal.

Watch the video above.


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