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Every October, we set aside time to jot down all the ways you can and probably will be offensive this Halloween with detailed instructions on how not to do so.

Spoiler alert: You guys never listen.

This year, we started with tasteless Ebola costumes. Then came all the culturally insensitive sombreros and Navajo-inspired costumes. Then came Ray Rice in blackface. And of course, there’s just blackface…period.

You guys really like that one, huh?

But adults aren’t the only offenders — they’ve brought the babies into the mix. Forget being a pumpkin or an Iron Man Princess like this (which by the way, is totally brilliant):

The kid costumes we rounded up are much more shocking — and totally inappropriate.

Check out 13 costumes you probably should never (EVER) put on your child. Like…ever. We hope you heed our advice this time.

PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Imgur

Inappropriate Children Costumes For Halloween That Will Make You Cringe (PHOTOS)
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