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T-Pain stopped by the No Judgment Zone w/ BlogXilla to promote his new album T-Pain Presents Happy Hour: The Greatest Hits.

While the album is in stores now, T-Pain explained that he’s not fully behind the concept, because he’s not done making hits yet. The “Up Down” crooner revealed he prefers to think of the record as his greatest hits…so far.

T-Pain also talked about people being surprised he could actually sing without Auto-Tune.

“People tend to not pay attention when it’s not the party scene. I always make sure it’s one or two songs on each of my albums without Auto-Tune just to get it out there, but those are always really heartfelt songs and people tend to not want to hear that.”

Mr. Teddy Penderazzdoun also said that Akon almost passed on his first hit:

“Basically I took the song “I’m Sprung” to Akon and he was doing his hood thing at the time. His words were ‘we don’t do girls songs.’ I was like, someone has to hear this song because this harmony is amazing.”

T-Pain brought the song to one of his DJ friends and the rest is history.

He also talked about how walking on stage with Jay Z during his performance of “Death Of Auto-Tune” could possibly be the reason Lil Mama crashed Jay Z’s set at the MTV Awards.

“I felt like it was a little more her confidence. I don’t think Jay was going to punch me in the face on stage. He definitely ain’t going to shoo her off. That would look bad. I think it gave her an idea.”

Later on, T-Pain spoke about the status of the T-Wayne album, and told the funniest story about the time he and Bushwick Bill were in the strip club and all-out chaos ensued. Watch the interview above.

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