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In the midst of new music, drama has risen in the life of Usher.

Rumors have been circulating that photos from a sex tape featuring Usher and his former wife Tameka Foster have surfaced the web. Although the pictures haven’t been proven to be authentic, they’re allegedly from the couple’s stolen sex tape. Gossip Cop reports:

The illicit home movie was on a computer that was stolen, along with other possessions, from Usher when his car was broken into in 2009. Two years later, an unidentified person tried shopping the personal porno to outlets, but there were no takers.

At the time, Foster released a statement saying:

I am a mother and entrepreneur. Sex tapes and pornography would not be my lane. I have no desire to be seen in that way.

The material has apparently been offered to numerous sites and blogs. Usher’s lawyer is currently investigating who the seller is. Gossip Cop continues:

Now six weeks later, on Christmas Eve, purported screengrabs from the sex tape began circulating on the web. The images show a woman, said to be Foster, performing a graphic sexual act. While the man’s penis is visible, the face of the person whom it belongs to is not.

We hope none of this is true. We will keep you updated on the latest.

SOURCE: Gossip Cop | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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