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Get ready, because next week your favorite Brooklyn GIRLS will be back in town—or on your television. But before then, Lena Dunham takes center stage on ELLE magazine.

Despite being a writer-slash-director-slash-star on the hit HBO series, at 28 years old, Lena is anything but a girl anymore, a notion made loud and clear with her cover story. The past few years have brought along a few growing pains, though, especially with her tendency to not shy away from tough topics, like in her much-discussed memoir.

Lena’s spread takes her out of her usual hipster garb, trading it in for Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent, and Christian Louboutin looks that are as edgy as her ‘do and deeply rimmed eyes.

She opens up about using her celebrity status for good, saying:

“I realized early on that I was not going to be able to have a comfortable relationship with celebrity if I didn’t feel like I was using it to talk about things that were important to me. It was always going to make me feel gross, for lack of a better word. I was like, ‘Oh, this attention is something I’m going to figure out how to use in a way that feels productive, healthy, and smart. And not just like as an excuse to collect handbags.’ Although,” she pauses, “I love handbags.”

Sounds to us like she’s our type of girl. Er, woman. For more, grab a copy of the “Women in TV” issue on January 13 after the season four premiere of GIRLS January 11.


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