1. Lena is obviously comfortable in her own skin.

2. Dunham enjoys cake in a stall while rocking her birthday suit.

3. Dunham films a sex scene with Donald Glover for HBO’s GIRLS.

4. Lena is photoed nude in bed with on screen boyfriend Adam.

5. She even talks on the phone in the nude.

6. Dunham’s character Hannah was nude in almost every episode of Season 1!

7. Lena Dunham is naked and loving it.

8. Dunham strips off her shirt in this scene from HBO’s GIRLS.

9. Although she looks as though she’s trying to hide her goodies, Dunham is nude and surrounded by half bitten apples in this Bible-inspired skit from SNL.

lena dunham naked

10. Lena’s character Hannah even likes to play ping pong while naked.

11. In this scene from GIRLS, Hannah is completely naked and taking in some steam.

12. Even Hannah Horvath is guilty of sending someone a nude pic.

13. Breast-baring and all, Lena Dunham is the queen of nudity.

14. Dunham is tatted, naked, and loving it.

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