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File this under: Shit We Don’t Want.

As if society wasn’t terrible enough, one company has just put the icing on top of the shitty cake with a new invention we never knew we hated.

2014 was apparently the year of the butt, says mainstream media and anyone else who’s been keeping up with the Kardashians (or Kim and Khloe’s ever-expanding backsides, to be more specific). But now, photo-based social media site is aiming to make an ass out of everyone with the Belfie Stick, so that we can take selfies of our butts. Selfies. Of our butts.

An adaptation of the selfie stick, it was created after the rise in rear-ends on social media, making the device “the next natural step,” says the site’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Deegan.

The Belfie Stick is already out of stock, but you can preorder one for $79.99 here. Or just don’t. Please, don’t.


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