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On Wednesday night, Fox’s new show Empire premiered with historic numbers — reaching 9.8 million viewers, the Lee Daniels-produced series became the network’s highest rated show in years.

And the network may want to call actress Taraji P. Henson and personally thank her — her character Cookie Lyons, the matriarch to a family full of men, made her mark as the quick-talking, no holds-barred, complex but compassionate staple that will have viewers tuning in every week.

One look at Twitter during Empire’s premiere confirmed that.

It’s not a game. Cookie is running this show.

But before there was Cookie, there was Yvette from Baby Boy. There was Queenie from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. There was Sharice from Smokin’ Aces. And there was that appearance on Sister, Sister that you’re probably going to go back and find.

But no matter who she portrays, or how big she gets, Henson still gives us that girl next door vibe — she’ll always be down, and with her success comes inspiration to all brown and black girls looking to make their mark in Hollywood.

For that, we love her. And because we can’t get enough, here are 20 more reasons Taraji is our favorite girl in Hollywood.


20 Reasons Taraji P. Henson Is Our Favorite Girl In Hollywood (PHOTOS)
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