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1. Because that one eyebrow is ALWAYS on fleek.

2. Because she’s a Howard University woman.

3. Because she’s serving EVERYTHING on Fox’s new hit show “Empire.”

4. Because we all have a little “Yvette” from “Baby Boy” in us. (And some of us have had a Jody in our lives too).

5. Because somehow she manages to make every selfie on Instagram look like a full-fledged photoshoot.

6. Because she’s never afraid to take off the heels and just be a down chick.

7. Because she’s never hesitant to show love to other sisters in Hollywood.

8. Because this reminds us of something we would do in the pool. Basically…we’re all Taraji.

9. Because she uses her celebrity for the causes that mean the most.

10. That hair!

11. Because her filmography is more diverse than people who’ve been in the game longer than her (and we must say…better).

12. Because she rocked this patterned ensemble on the ‘Gram and now we wish we had one.

13. Because no matter the role, the time period, or the emotion, she’s spot on.

14. Did we mention the hair?

15. All of these movies…ALL OF THEM.

16. Because she got a chance to do this to Idris Elba. It’s not fair, but that’s our girl, so we’re happy for her.

17. Because she’s always a little DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) wherever she goes (even when she’s rocking a NY hat).

18. There goes that hair…

19. Need we say more?

20. And because she’ll always be the relatable girl next door that we love. Never change, Taraji!

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