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Nicki Minaj said it herself: when Nicki Minaj raps, you know that she wrote it.

Well, her ex-boyfriend Safaree recently went on The Breakfast Club for an in-depth interview, where he talked about his serious relationship with the Young Money rap superstar.

While the interview went into a lot of topics about their relationship, it was him insinuating that Nicki doesn’t pen her lyrics all on her own that was the most eyebrow-raising.

Ebro of Hot 97, who has been close with the Head Barb in Charge for years, took to responding to the comments, where he even shed some light on Nicki’s reaction.

He said on his morning show:

“She was most upset about the idea that someone else was writing her rhymes,” stated Ebro. “When you look at Nicki Minaj’s album credits, there’s a lot of people that work on albums… But when you assert that somebody wrote your rhymes – you know that’s Nicki’s thing.”

He also called Safaree “super lame” for even doing interviews, as he didn’t appear to be looking to do so while they were together for over 10 years.

What do you think of Nicki’s reaction? Should she be upset?


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