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A friend who found Bobbi Kristina Brown unresponsive in her Georgia home last week is breaking his silence, maintaining that he had nothing to do with the 21-year-old’s hospitalization.

Max Lomas and Brown’s alleged husband, Nick Gordon, found the daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston unconscious on Saturday. Following a TMZ report that drugs were found in Brown’s home during a second search, attention fell on Lomas, who was the subject of a Jan. 14 arrest for possession of a firearm or knife, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and possession of Alprazolam (commonly known as Xanax).

According to TMZ, Lomas’ arrest stemmed from accusations he drugged his girlfriend and held her against her will.

Max Lomas was arrested January 14th after the girlfriend’s family called cops and said they believed he was holding Danyela Bradley against her will and drugging her so she would stay. Cops responded but the girl said she was fine and not being forcibly held.

But Lomas’ lawyer, Philip A. Holloway, says his client’s recent arrest has nothing to do with Brown’s incident.

Holloway, in his statement says, “Lomas has cooperated with the authorities investigating what happened involving his dear friend, Bobbi Kristina Brown.” And adds that Lomas “is deeply concerned for Ms. Brown and remains hopeful for her full, complete and swift recovery.”

The lawyer says that Lomas’ “widely reported recent arrest is completely unrelated to the incident that occurred at Ms. Brown’s residence and there is absolutely no relationship between the two events.”

According to Holloway, Lomas has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

He points out that, “Mr. Lomas has not been accused of anything in connection with Bobbi Kristina Brown’s injuries and is a witness in this investigation.”

Brown is still being treated at Emory University Hospital, where she is reportedly on a ventilator fighting for her life. It is unconfirmed if police found drugs during their initial search of Brown’s home, but the Roswell Police Department told The Urban Daily they have not returned to the house since the incident.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest.


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