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Things got a little ugly for Bruce Jenner this past weekend.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who allegedly wants a sex change, was involved in a car crash that left one woman dead on Saturday.

Though it was initially reported that Bruce was being chased by at least five paparazzi when he rear-ended another vehicle, authorities eventually came forward to dispel those claims. Now, the question is: Was Bruce texting during the fatal incident?

New reports claim that the reality tv star will hand over his phone records to prove that he wasn’t texting during the crash. By way of a private photo agency, pictures of Bruce holding a cigarette – not a cell phone – have also made their rounds as proof.

TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Jenner has authorized Sheriff’s detectives to get all the necessary data from Jenner’s cell phone carrier, thus making a search warrant unnecessary.

We’re told Jenner’s promise was verbal but the Dept. needs it in writing in order to gain access to the info.

As we reported, an independent photo agency was at the scene immediately before the crash and snapped a pic of Jenner holding a cigarette and not a cell phone.

Bruce could still have an issue on his hands because he was reportedly too close to the car he rear-ended, which is a traffic violation and could be “grounds for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.”

The site goes on to say:

We’re told it’s highly improbable Bruce will be charged with a crime, but civilly he has a problem because there’s a law about following too close. Even though it now appears the Prius in front made a sudden stop causing the Lexus to crash into it and Bruce then hit the Lexus … law enforcement says Bruce should have been farther behind the Lexus, especially since he was pulling a trailer.

In a different report, the site notes:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … they now believe Bruce was not texting and driving. But cops think Bruce was following too closely which is a traffic violation, and such a violation that results in the death of another motorist could theoretically be grounds for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.

We found a Northern California case in which a driver who was following too closely was prosecuted for vehicular manslaughter, so it is possible. An official from a L.A. prosecutor’s office tells TMZ … it’s “very rare” to charge a driver with vehicular manslaughter when the traffic offense is following too closely.

Bruce has reportedly lawyered up. The victim’s family is in our prayers and we will keep you updated as more details surface.


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