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Police are investigating shootings that left nine people dead across the small Missouri community of Tyrone early Friday.

According to the Texas County Sheriff’s Department, there may be as many as six crime scenes involved in the shootings, but police have yet to confirm how far the shooting spree spanned.

The suspected gunman, described as a 36-year-old male by a Missouri State Highway Patrol officer, was among the dead. He was found parked in a vehicle in Shannon County, according to the officer.

Eight others were also discovered.

From the Houston Herald:

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said the Texas County Sheriff’s Department was called at about 10:15 p.m. Thursday by a frightened girl, who reported gunshots in a residence. She fled to a neighbor’s home, and lawmen later found two bodies in the child’s home.


Further investigation found another five fatalities and one additional wounded victim at three additional Tyrone residences, the patrol told the Herald. Lawmen later went to another residence, where they found an elderly woman who apparently had died of natural cases.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has set up a mobile command post in the area and is expected to hold a news briefing to release further details about the shootings. Police continue their investigation.

SOURCE: Houston Herald | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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