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Liam Neeson is a kickass action star who doesn’t take crap from anyone. His movies consistently make a ton of money and his fight scenes leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

In a weird way, all of his roles are totally different – yet exactly the same. In his latest film Run All Night, Liam plays Jimmy Conlon, a retired hitman with a list of bodies longer than Kim Kardashian. In fact, he’s killed so many people they call him “the Gravedigger.”

Liam’s character is on a mission to stop his son from being murdered by his old crew. When you add in stellar performances from Common and Ed Harris, you’ll quickly realize Liam has another hit under his belt.

But since 2008 and the success of Taken, Liam has been typecast as the badass older guy who will track you down, then kill you and your whole crew. It doesn’t matter where it’s at either – on a plane, in a cemetery, or even in the wilderness, Liam Neeson is that dude.

So we decided to highlight 11 times Liam basically played the same role. Take a look.


11 Times Liam Neeson Played The Same Role
Liam Neeson
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