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With only 99 problems, Jay Z is one of the coolest dudes out there, so naturally every once in a while, someone comes out of the blue with an insane story.

Today, the honor goes to Rymir Satterthwaite, who is once again claiming that Mr. Carter is his father. According to Radar Online, the 21-year-old, along with his mother Wanda and former guardian Lillie Collie, have been pursuing the case since 2011 and are seeking punitive damages for “legal fees and things that [they] cannot afford.”

Naturally, their claim that the mogul had a fling with Wanda and fathered Rymir back in the ’90s has been met with some skepticism, but they want the public to know it’s not about the money, stating:

“It is not about the money at all. This is about making sure that Jay Z is held responsible for the emotional damage that he has caused Rymir. You have to go by what you believe is the truth and the truth in this case is undeniable,” she claims.

Lillie also said they have garnered support from the legal parties in the case:

“We are not the only ones who have been fighting for this. There are a lot of people in the courts, in the legal system, and in the justice system that have gone out of their way to support this because they have compassion.”

Rymir even took to Twitter to address his critics:

Somewhere in America, Blue Ivy is not here for any of this.

SOURCE: Radar Online | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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