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Just imagine you’re on the way to work, and your phone rings:

You: “Hello”

Caller: “Hi…This Is Jay Z. I’m calling on behalf of TIDAL.”

You: “This is who?”

Caller: “Jay Z. HOV. Shawn Carter.”

You: *dies*

Now, what if we told you this is happening in real life.

Yes, Shawn “Jay Z” Carter is actually calling TIDAL subscribers to personally thank them for signing up for his new streaming service.

According to Business Insider, Jay Z’s been taking a hands-on approach to great customer service.

“Jay Z has been taking a unique approach to customer service for his music streaming service Tidal.

Tidal executive Vania Schlogel told Business Insider that Jay Z has been personally calling people who use the site.

Schlogel said that “he called some of his fans and one of them made the funniest comment. He said ‘This is the best customer service call I’ve ever received!”

It’s also reported that other artists involved in the company (like Jack White) will be making phone calls to TIDAL users.

Since its arrival, TIDAL has faced immense criticism for what many deem as an overpriced streaming service, but Jay Z isn’t worried about the critics, instead he’s busy focusing on exclusive content and great customers.

Will the chance of receiving a personal phone call from Jay Z prompt you to buy TIDAL? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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