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Kim Kardashian made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and filled us in on all things Kardashian. The mom of one was there to promote her selfie book Selfish and as it was a serious occasion, she wanted her outfit to reflect the sentiment. Unfortunately for Kim, she did not do the “sit test”–where one sits to make sure the outfit is not too revealing–and this omission turned an otherwise very serious interview into a laugh-fest.

Kimmy also opened up about Bruce Jenner‘s decision to transition. The supportive daughter revealed that while she is on board with Bruce’s decision, one thing she will not have is getting her glam squad stolen. She told Jimmy, “I said ‘The only the thing is, whatever you do, do not steal my glam team. They are mine.”

As she was promoting a book all about selfies, it was only right that Mrs. West teach Jimmy the art of taking selfies. She spoke about angles, arm positions and faces, and even took a pic with the host.

Kim also opened up about one of her selfies that got caught in the celebrity hacking scandal last year. Though she is usually on top of things, Mrs. West still has no idea where that selfie was taken and how the hacker got ahold of it.


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