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If your like many women who have some major crushes on the fictional Lyon brothers from the hit show Empire, then your thirst is about to be on a hundred thousand trillion.

The three guys, played by Jussie SmollettBryshere “Yazz” Gray, and Trai Byers, all cover the newest vacation issue of Essence Magazine, and even landed their own individual covers.

Showing off some of their muscle work, and those hot bods that many female fans hope to get a peek at each week, the guys share some personal facts about themselves with the outlet.

Jussie shares how he landed the role on the show, which he got by reaching out to Lee Daniels on social media:

“I jumped on Instagram and direct-messaged Lee and said, ‘Sir, I know you get this all the time, but I’m a singer, actor, dancer, songwriter and musician. I am Jamal Lyon in more ways than one.'”

Yazz talked about how he showed some mentorship to his younger fans who were similar to his situation:

“I would hear things like, ‘My dad was never in my life…’ and my response was, ‘My dad was never in my life…Don’t feel like you don’t matter.'”

Trai opened up on why he decides to work out and keep up with his body:

“I work out for two reasons: one, because I’m an actor and two, because I’m somebody’s [future] husband. I want to be prepared for the woman God has for me.”

We could get used to seeing these guys all over our magazine collections. Be sure to read more by picking up the June issue of Essence.