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It looks like Chris Brown is back to living life on the road as he starts his next national tour, except this time he’s got a “no-nonsense” bus policy. Hopefully his bus mates are down with a 9 p.m. curfew and the occasional time-out because guess what, baby Royalty is on board.

It was just last month that Brown neglected to show up at Royalty’s first birthday celebration, but the infamous artist might be turning over a new leaf and really stepping up as a dad (knock on wood).

Apparently Breezy is not messing around… his crew is in for a rude awakening and some pretty strict rules. Whether or not a system that relies on Chris Brown as rule-maker can be considered effective or even justifiable is up to your own personal judgment.

These are Brown’s “rules,” according to Radar Online:

  1. no cursing
  2. no smoking
  3. no drinking
  4. no groupies

Ha, good luck. We’ll see how that pans out. We will admit though, he and Royalty do make a pretty adorable tag team. Check out the two goofing off together, below.


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